TRX for injury rehabilitation

Use of TRX in rehabilitation

TRX is gaining more and more ground within rehabilitation as well (vs. its non-rehabilitative format that is meant to strengthen the body by using the body’s own weight in different exercises). TRX in itself is a simple tool, that can be installed in any room, as it is a harness. The harness aides in developing your own strength, balance, flexibility and core muscles. It also helps with developing your stamina, endurance. It can be applied independently of gender or age. The exercises can be built into a rehabilitation programme to aid in re-developing your weaker muscles that need help after an illness or accident.

Benefits of TRX in rehabilitation

  • Develops the core-muscles and stability of the body
  • Makes a person work his/her muscles against gravity, training with the weight of your own body
  • Helps develop your sense of balance and flexibility of your muscles.
  • Because of the suspension, joints can be used without weight on them
  • Working with your own body weight, you can train your muscles in a more targeted way, which leads to quicker and visible results.

Who is TRX for?

It is recommended for everyone, who:

  • Likes a functional workout and would like to develop strong core muscles, learning how to do such exercises properly, at home.
  • Suffers from spine-related pain or is overweight; or
  • Is in the phase of rehabilitation, where a targeted workout can already be applied to help rehabilitate joints.

Benefits of TRX:

  • Wide applicability
  • Can be done independent of one’s fitness level
  • Allows a varied set of workout exercises to be done
  • Develops strength and stamina at the same time
  • Due to the suspension, muscles that stabilize the body are in continuous activity
  • Can be done at home after the physio sessions


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