Kinesiology taping – Budapest


uses a genuinely designed and flexible tape (FLEXOTAPE) and is an extremely efficient and effective method for therapy, injury prevention and enhanced sporting performance, such as the treatment of muscular disorders, pain relief, lymph edema reduction, and has also been demonstrated to assist in offloading muscles and fascias, increased muscle recruitment and proprioception, while maintaining Full Range of Motion (Full-ROM).

What do you get out of kinesiology taping?

No Pain, more Gain.

  • kill pain immediately
  • regulation of muscle tone – balance of muscle tension
  • improved muscle function and range with significantly more strength
  • facilitation and improvement of motions
  • better microcirculation of blood and lymph
  • enhanced sporting performance through improvement of sport specific motion patterns
  • elimination of edema
  • correction of fascia and course of fascia – balance of fascia tension
  • correction of joints

Some of the 95-100% success highlights include supraspinatus impingement, SIJ blockage, back pain, tennis and golfer’s elbow, head ache, muscle strain and even migraine and tinnitus.

Read more about trigger points of the body at this link.

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