About me

My name is Timea Frank-Palfi, and work as a professional, registered physiotherapist, rehabiliation oriented Pilates instructor and Dorn instructor in Budapest.  My main objective, when working with patients is to inspire them to move and see physical activity as a joyful experience. I would like my patients to be able to discover – with the help of physiotherapy – how their own body can function with more harmony, especially when suffering from a physical problem, or simply to prevent developing a limiting condition. Throughout my private practice sessions, I work with adults’ and children’s various spine dysfunctionalities (e.g. Scoliosis) and joint-related illnesses, sports-injuries and rehabilitation related conditions after surgeries. Aside from the above, I greatly enjoy helping young children and babies develop their proper movements and pride myself on having many success stories related to these sessions – in the form of happy parent testimonials.

Often times I complement physiotherapy with holistic treatments, such as Bach Flower Remedy treatments and reflexology, as I believe that a physical symptom heals quicker if we identify certain emotions and mental symptoms behind them. Many physical symptoms of my patients are borne out of improper postures that they take up in their normal work-hours or sports activities (such as Tennis). I help correct these with ergonomic advice and encourage them to move every day.

Education and Courses:

I aim to continuously develop my own professional knowledge with various courses and education (see below), in order to help patients with the most impact. I regularly exercise myself: running, Pilates and yoga are part of my everydays. I am also proud to have developed my own training course for treating Yoga related injuries with the help of Pilates and run this course on a regular basis. Besides this, I am also an acknowledged and accredited Dorn-method instructor and the representative for Dorn International Hungary (accreditation by the German AHHAI and Dorn International bodies).

My own personal motto: “Sport not only helps your body, but also your soul to remain in tip-top shape.”  (Albert Szent-Györgyi)

My practice is based out of Budapest, where I live with my husband and children.

Physiotherapy qualifications:

  • McKenzie method, Part “A” and “B”
  • Manualtherapy
  • Schroth method; spine distortion treatment with 3D technique
  • Dorn therapy and Breuss massage INSTRUCTOR – exclusive Hungarian representative of Dorn International
  • Kinesiotape method
  • Flossing
  • FDM- Typaldos manualtherapy
  • FDM for babies and young children
  • Trigger Point therapy, Soft tissue therapy
  • INSTRUCTOR: Pilates Matwork 1-3, APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute)
    • Pilates in Scoliosis
    • Pilates in Osteporosis
    • Pilates and Small Equipment
    • Pilates for Kids and Teens
  • TRX Trainer
  • Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy I.-II.

Massage specializations

  • Baby and child Thai-massage
  • Swedish (regenerative) massage

Alternative medicine related specializations

  • Alternative medicine – foundation module
  • Reflexology (Zone Therapy)
  • Bach Flower remedy therapy
  • Advanced Sport and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

Why physiotherapy? One of the most effective therapies for treatment for patients with sport related injuries, musculoskeletal condition and work related injuries.

Who is a physiotherapist? A health care professional, who provides direct patient care to persons who have musculoskeletal condition like back aches, sciatica, headaches, pregnancy back pain, neck pain, whiplash, frozen shoulder, postural abnormality, sports injuries and work related injuries, RSI, etc.

How can I help you? My objective through physiotherapy rehabilitation is to reduce/extinguish your pain and return your body its original muscle flexibilities.  More specifically: increase muscle strength and endurance, restore range of motion in joints, increase coordination and function, decrease muscle spasm and tension, promote healing of soft tissue lesions, prevent contractures and deformities, correct gait deviations and posture problems, increase mobility and daily activities, reduce stress, patient and family education.

Testimonials of my patients

“I was desperately looking for someone to get my arm moving after a fracture in my shoulder. When we met 2.5 month ago I was in pain and hardly could move my arm. Since my movements are coming back, I am working and getting on with my everyday life. Timea   gave me very good advice and lots of exercise to do.  I don’t know how would my arm be now, if I haven’t met her. I would recommend her for anybody who needs a helping hand.”


“Tímea has worked with my nine years old  daughter, who has scoliosis for nearly 4 months using Schroth therapy. We have found her to be efficient and considerate and would certainly recommend her to anyone who requires a good physiotherapist.”


“Timi helped relieve my back pain very efficiently and professionally, through various exercises and special Schroth and McKenzie treatments.  I would recommend her to everyone, who needs a real physio treatment on a weekly basis and is keen to get back to doing things normal and moving around healthily. ”


“When I first saw Timi, I had terrible pain in my lumbar spine, basically throughout the whole day. Timi’s initial findings, calling for a disc herniation, have been later confirmed by an MRI scan. With her guidance I started to do McKenzie exercises and I have other stuffs to do 3 times a week.  6 weeks have passed, I had to change my daily routines, but thanks to all, I don’t have that terrible pain any more. Thanks Timi ;-))”


“I want to recommend Tímea  as the absolutely BEST physio and massage therapist in London. Her hands are M*A*G*I*C*A*L!!”.


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