Dorn method

Dorn therapy

Dorn therapy is a manually executed joint-correctional technique, with the overall goal of resetting the natural physiological positions.  Dorn is highly effective for treating pains, numbness, acute and chronic asymmetric body reactions, however the therapy is also suitable for treating other illnesses, which are directly or indirectly connected with the spine.

Most symptoms appearing around the spine can be traced back to the lower limbs and their length differences.  With the help of Dorn therapy, we can correct the joints, loosen the tense muscles, treat the meridians (energy fields) near the spine; improve the flow of energy and status of the nerves around the inner vertebra connected organs; and even influence psychic functions!

Because of the length difference of the limbs, various damage can come about within the muscles, joints, taenia, nervous system or internal organs; and it can cause disruption of the energy-fields within our body, which can ultimately cause pathological changes in our body static and structure.

With Dorn therapy, we can assess the limbs and vertebra and wherever the physiotherapist notices a blockage, she can correct it with relevant movements.  Good news: you can already feel the positive difference and decrease of pain after your first treatment!


Breuss massage

A complementary therapy to Dorn is Breuss massage technique.  While Dorn is a manual joint-correctional method, Breuss massage is a loosening, gentle vertebral disk regenerator massage.  It can be used before or after Dorn technique, as it helps loosen the muscles and reduces pain, speeding up regeneration.

  • If used before Dorn, Breuss massage can make manual therapy less painful
  • If used after Dorn, Breuss massage can help loosen up and regenerate the body
  • Dorn and Breuss can however, be used      separately from each other!

Breuss massage is a gentle massage executed on the spine, which helps stretch and loosen the spine and the muscles near the spine, along with the connecting tissues.  It is an ideal preceding treatment to Dorn therapy, when the patient suffers from a more serious spine problem, or has severe pain, stiff muscles or non-mobile vertebra.  Breuss massage also has the advantage of frequently being repeated for treating the vertebra disk.  It can give the patient maximal relaxation and regeneration of the tense body.  With Breuss massage, the load of the vertebra disk can be greatly reduced.

For a short clip on how Breuss massage works, check out this video:

For a short clip on Dorn method check out this video:

You may wish to check out the international website of the Dorn Method here.

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